Cell Biology Seminar


Dr. Ulrike Engel, Nikon Imaging Center, Universität Heidelberg, Germany

"Regulation of Dynamic Microtubules in the Growth Cone: From Microscopy to Modeling"


Prof. Dr. Roman Stocker, ETH Zürich

"Motility and sensing in marine microbes"


Prof. Dr. Kerstin Gari, Institute of Molecular Cancer Research, Universität Zürich

Title to be announced


Prof. Dr. Urs Jenal, Biozentrum, Universität Basel

"One Ring to RuleThem All: From Cell Polarity to Bacterial Virulence Control"


Prof. Paul Guichard, Department of Cell Biology, University of Geneva

"Unraveling the molecular architecture of the centriole using a combination of Cryo-Tomography and Ultrastructure Expansion microscopye"


Prof. Dr. Claudia Seitz, Juristische Fakultät, Universität Basel

"Editing the Code of Human Life - Legal Questions and Thoughts for a Regulatory Framework of Genome Editing"


Prof. Dr. Mathieu Coppey, Institut Curie Paris, France

"Using optogenetics to dissect single cell migration"

Scheduled seminar program