Study programs

Bachelor of Science in Biology

We offer lectures and practical courses in all three years of the BSc in Biology.

Several of these courses are also part of other curricula such as Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmaceutics or Veterinary Medicine.

In the third year, the students can choose Cell Biology as one of three specialisations. We organise this specialisation with contributions from other institutions such as the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and various groups in the medical and veterinary faculties

Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences

The MSc program in Molecular Life Sciences (MLS) can be accessed by graduates of BSc programs in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry. With its specialisations in Biochemistry/Chemical Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology/Immunology and Plant Physiology, it also attracts many students from other curricula and outside institutions.

Besides teaching for this MSc program, the ICB annually hosts about ten MSc theses.

Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (PhD program)

PhD students of the ICB enroll in the Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB). Each student has a thesis committee consisting of the supervisor, an external co-referee and a mentor.

In addition to the thesis, selected training courses, summer schools or scientific meetings allow students to acquire additional competences for their work.

The GCB also organises a seminar series with distinguished outside speakers and an annual symposium where students present their work.

Most ICB group leaders serve on GCB commissions, on individual thesis committees, and teach GCB students in their courses and tutorials.